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We The Humans is co-founder and member of the Alliance For Responsible AI.

Why this alliance?

  • There is a strong need for regulation in the field of data and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • So far, principles have been proved to be difficult to implement due to weak definitions which give too much room for interpretation.
  • Need for a neutral body that would provide a clear assessment grid of AI projects and that would be able to monitor the implementation relevant criteria.
  • Provide peace of mind in Artificial Intelligence. Guarantee a safe, fair artificial intelligence that ensures respect for human autonomy.
  • Promote an Artificial Intelligence that improves individual and collective wellbeing without posing a threat.
  • Ensure EU citizens have their say.


  • Collaborate with the EU institutions.
  • Promote a European certification scheme for a trustworthy AI.
  • Develop a certification scheme to ensure that professionals are well trained in a trustworthy AI.
  • Support the development of certification tools and methods both for organizations and professionals.
  • Promote auditable AI open systems.
  • Ensure an independent view on ethical AI with respect to any technology company.

Founding members:

We The Humans                       Global AI Ethics Insitute                        Beyond The Horizon                  Futurcus