key topics

Applied Ethics Group_

Solving ethical challenges of AI in a practical way.

An approach that considers the ethical goals and the consequences of the actions, but articulated through the virtues and the aim of the human being: to be more human.


  • Support to universities: Working group for collaboration with an academic institution.
  • Association with companies: practical application and partnership with companies through Forética.
  • Recommendation report: development of practical recommendations. Solve AI’s ethical challenges in a practical way.

AI for Human Good_

Think and create an AI that makes us better people.

Use of AI in a positive direction for: reducing differences, helping disadvantaged groups, promoting diversity.

An example:
Contest with Social Purposes, Second Edition

Aimed at entrepreneurs and startups, the contest seeks the positive use of technology to improve well-being for humanity: promoting opportunities, equality, integration of vulnerable groups and environment care. More than 75 proposals were received in 2019.

AI and the Earth_

Using AI to achieve sustainability on our planet.

Support and promotion of AI initiatives related to the maintenance and improvement of the rural world and the sustainability of the planet in different areas: energy and water, agriculture, biodiversity.

AI and Arts_

Encourage creative human touch through AI.

Research and dissemination of computational creativity initiatives, watching the positive impact of creativity through AI but differentiating them from real art.